What sets us apart from most others in the deal:
                      Transparency and flexibility in the decision to grant funding
Simplify the evaluation and the ratification and implementation of measures in a short time
Less the cost of financing in terms of fees and percentage of profits
Features and concessional terms and easy
The program features:
                      Financing all commercial sectors, industrial, agricultural and service.
Non-direct financing (letters of credit permits issued and incoming / guarantees / policies).
In accordance with the Islamic modes of financing.
Documents and papers required:
                      Apply the required funding formula explains the purpose and the type and amount of financing and repayment methods and guarantees.
Identity card or proof of identity valid
The company or facility to be financing details
Revealed site six months and sealed the expense of non-bank customers.
If there is extra income documents the legal documents
Any certificates or other documents requested by the

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