Corporate Fainanc

Corporate Fainanc

Financail Services for Corporate Sector

The bank offers through its Corporate department inclusive financial services that meets the needs of market and finance industry . It offers quick for economic enterprises both public and private in addition to the mining and exports sectors that receive government attention for their importance in foreign exchange earnings . The services are well-matching sectors needs and offers solutions to its financail problms after financial ananlysis is carried out through the following .

Direct Finance and Facilities for Business Sector

The corporate department meets all the financial needs of the corporations using different Islamic modes of finance with competitive rates and appropriate terms that bear in mind the projects cash flows .The modes Include : Murabaha ( purchase with profit msrgine), Musharaka (corporation ) ,Mugawla ( contracting ) , Murabaha ( workers and capital owners partnership ), leasing , etc . The appropriate mode is determined according to the features of the project to be funded , the type of capital needed (working or fixed ) , established or new projects , etc .

Commercial Services

all commercial services are offered for companies through a widespread network of correspondences all over the globe that facilitate both local and international transactions through :

Issuing documentary credits At Sight LC and Deferred LC to be used for importation with possibility of financing the At sight LCs by issuing it based on Murabaha contracts using appropriate collaterals complying with the banks credit policy , for competitive prices and execllent service .

Issuing Different types of letters of guarantee (login tender , advanced payment , maintenance,performance ,etc.) especially for the fast growing and profitable construction sector in infrastructure and real estate .

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