Objectives & Strategies:

Achieve the highest returns for the bank's owners, investors' deposits and partners.

Lead the way in the diverse areas of commercial and investment banking business.

To benefit from the enormous investment opportunities enjoyed by Sudan in

To contribute in the construction development the public and private sectors.

To work towards the promotion of the investment and commercial exchange between the Arab and Islamic countries and infra structure in Sudan by taking into consideration the Jazeera State as a strategic partner and shareholder in the Bank.

To work towards fulfilling the ambitions and expectations of the monetary authorities, clients and staff.

Practical means to realize objectives:

1)  Providing all banking services in advanced and innovated style to distinguish the bank among other banks.

2)  Activating principles of corporation control and sticking to it.

3)  Using advanced technological and electronic style to realize speed. Precision and efficiency in work.

4)      Depending on competent staff enjoying remarkable experts on banking services and looking forward for improvement and development.

5)  Applying distinguished marketing policy to attract working sectors and different dealers.

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