Higher Management
General manager Dr.Amer Abdel Wahab Alawi
Deputy General Manager Dr. Osama Mohamed Ali Tambal

Compliance Manager Howida Eltayeb
Executive Management
Executive Manager For Quality and Excellence Muna Mohammed Salih
Internal Audit Executive Manager Dr. Suleiman Hamdan Kharabsheh
Executive Manage of Retail & Branches Dr. Ahmed Mubarak Almasarweh

Banking Operation Executive manager Eltayeb Ali Ibrahim
Departments and units
Administrative & Engineering Affairs Manager Khalid Abu Saleh
Head of legal department & Secretary of Board Dr.Muna Eltayeb Mohammed
Corporate Finance Manager Emad Issa Amireh

Credit Admin. Manager/ El Waleed Salah Eldin Badawi

Credit Admin Manager Ali Mohamed Mahjoub
Financial Control Manager HasabElrasoul Abdrahman Musa
Human Resource Manager Awadelkareem Abdalla Osman
IT Department Manager /Hani Abbas Mohammed Ahmed
Treasury and Investment Executive Manager /Charged Ahmed Ali Elreheima
Retail & Branches Manager Ali Hamza El Ghali Osman
Marketing & Business Development Manager Dr. Amira Mohammed Ali
Sales and VIP Manager Reem Ali Omer Farah

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