Higher Management
General manager : Dr.Amer Abdel Wahab Alawi
Deputy General Manager:  Dr. Osama Mohamed Ali Tambal

Compliance Manager: Howida Eltayeb
Executive Management
Executive Manager For Quality and Excellence: Muna Mohammed Salih
Internal Audit Executive Manager : Dr. Suleiman Hamdan Kharabsheh
Executive Manage of Retail & Branches :  Dr. Ahmed Mubarak Almasarweh

Banking Operation Executive manager : Eltayeb Ali Ibrahim
Departments and units
Administrative & Engineering Affairs Manager:  Khalid Abu Saleh
Head of legal department & Secretary of Board:  Dr.Muna Eltayeb Mohammed
Corporate Finance Manager :  Emad Issa Amireh

Credit Admin. Manager: El Waleed Salah Eldin Badawi

Financial Control Manager: HasabElrasoul Abdrahman Musa
Human Resource Manager :  Awadelkareem Abdalla Osman
Director of Financial Control - Acting Mrs :  Iman Amer
Treasury and Investment Executive Manager : Charged Ahmed Ali Elreheima

Risk Manager : Osama Ahmed Fadlalla Mohamed
Retail & Branches Manager: Ashraf Mohammed
Marketing & Business Development Manager :  Ibrahim Abdel Rahim Mahmoud Hamdy
Sales and VIP Manager :  Reem Ali Omer Farah

Electronic Payment Manager : Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Rashad

Africa St. Khartoum