Capital Branches

Branch Address Contact phone Google Maps
Libya market branch located south of the market 0187051233 - 0187051231 Click here
Al-Qasr Branch Al-Qasr Street, the intersection of the Palace with Parliament 0187051130 - 0187051133 Click here
Almawrada Branch Om durman- Almawrada- Banks street 00249187051388 Click here
Es-Sajanah Branch Es Sajanah Market - middle Street 00249187051330 Click here
Local Market branch East Al Fouad Specialist Hospital 00249187051277 Click here
Coper branch Khartoum North Industrial Zone – Opposite Custom Building 00249187051266 Click here
Popular Market branch Industries “Al Sinaat” street – North Industries “Al Sinaat” Police Station 00249187560620 Click here
Al Amarat branch Mohamed Naguib Street intersection with 41Street 00249187051344 Click here
Al- Taif branch North of the intersection of 60th Street with Al-Mashtal (southwest of Jerash Hospital) 00249187051233 Click here
Land Port branch West of the land port and south of Khartoum state water stores 00249187051366 Click here
Saad Gishra branch West Pilot El Kadro street (Almaouna) 00249187051288 Click here
Al Kalakla branch Lafa market - opposite the Locality of Jabal Awliya 00249187051322 Click here
Tower (Headquarter) Khartoum – El Jazeera Tower – Africa Street 00249187051000 Click here