The Almighty said: (Believers – Whatever wealth you spent – for the face of Allâh – it is to your own good, for you do not spend (it) but to seek the good pleasure of Allâh, and whatever wealth you spend - in doing good - will be fully credited to you and you shall not be treated unjusty ) Surat Elbagara (272) and the Almighty said: (O ye who believe- When you hold secret counsels do not confer to promote sin, transgression and disobedience to the Prophet) Al-Mujadala (9) and the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: {You are all a shepherd and you are all responsible for his flock} Based on these special lofty implications for the good work of mutual cooperation and synergy, Bank Al-Jazeera made a clear track for itself consistent with its strategic plans in the necessity and importance of effective social contribution, which is not Gratis or show. Since its establishment, Bank Al-Jazira has taken upon itself to contribute to the Sudanese economy, not only by introducing foreign capital, always through carrying out its social roles, primarily raising banking awareness among the public and it contributed through media and promotion through a set of its remarkable and varied products which attracted many segments of society who did not ever deal with banks (prospective clients), and to achieve this an ambitious plan was developed to expand and spread its branches with a geometric progression to serve all these segments and most importantly find jobs for a prestigious segment of graduates with an ambitious plan to train university students. In order for Bank Al-Jazira to maximize the segments of beneficiaries of its services, especially those who find it difficult to obtain financing from banks, it has varied the system of its financing services for individuals, and it included all segments of minor, small and microfinance and directed products to the concerned of engineers, doctors, lawyers and others of elites with outstanding contribution to society. Among the sectors of priority and of utmost importance to the Bank in its contribution to society and its continuous support to institutions, medical associations, and stakeholders concerned with patient care, such as associations for patients with heart, kidney and diabetes. These sectors became of increasing cases and mass expenditure that obliged the bank to give it a especial look click here It also contributes to the support of universities, institutes and schools after the expansion of education, which necessitated the need to contribute with the government in this vital field. It was not limited to direct financial contribution, but rather developed a plan to establish and sponsor scientific conferences and exhibitions with clear sponsorship of cultural activities and contribution In preparing scientific studies click here It is worth noting the clear care and prestigious contribution of the bank in the sports fields in society and the development and encouragement of sports within the same bank until the bank's team became one of the distinguished teams of the banking system click here All of what we have mentioned is not limited to the bank’s performance of its role in the community contribution, but rather, for example, it is not limited, as the bank’s role is continuous, whether through special initiatives from it or in response and support to the initiatives of others click here.