Al Jazeera Sudanese Jordanian Bank is a Sudanese Jordanian public shareholding company, operating in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Laws (Sharia) in banking transactions, and participating in the process of economic and social development in Sudan. It also works to promote and enhance trade and investment exchange between Arab and Islamic countries, with the specificity of trade and investment relations between the two partnership countries (Jordan and Sudan). The Bank was established in 2006 under the Sudanese Companies Law of 1925, and with a license from the Central Bank of Sudan to engage in all local and foreign banking business, to benefit from the possibilities of a growing economic movement internally and externally, especially after Sudan entered the oil-exporting countries.

Our Vision

To be the distinguished Bank among banks in meeting customers' needs for advanced banking products and services, with the latest, best and safest internationally recognized standards.

Our Mission

Providing comprehensive and integrated banking services for the corporate, retail and investor sectors with high quality and competitive prices, in a manner that meets the various financial needs of customers while supporting these services with appropriate banking solutions, advanced technologies and effective distribution networks to achieve our commitment to returns to our partners dealing with the bank, shareholders and employees.

Our Values
  • Our top priority is to satisfying our customers and expanding their base.
  • Full transparency is the basis of our credibility.
  • Commitment to the ethics of dealing is our method.
  • Continuous development is our style.
  • Community service... our duty.