Corporate Finance

Corporate finance services

The Bank, through the Corporate Finance Department, provides integrated financing services that keep pace with the labor market and the evolving banking industry. Which meets the requests of its customers quickly and excellent service for companies or business names and for various economic sectors, whether private or public, in addition to the mining and export sectors, which enjoy great support from the state for their importance in providing foreign exchange to the national economy to suit the services provided to them with the nature of the economic activities they practice with providing appropriate banking services to help them develop their business and meet their financing needs in various fields after conducting the necessary financial and credit studies on their financing requests, through the following:

Funding and direct facilities for the business sector:

The Corporate Finance Department meets the necessary financing needs of companies with various financing formulas that are compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia, at competitive prices and with time periods that take into account the cash flows of the project, including: Murabaha for the purchase orderer, participation, contracting, speculation, leasing .... and others, so that the appropriate formula is determined according to the nature of the required financing. For the purposes of financing its working (operating) capital or for the purposes of financing its existing or new projects, in addition to the capital financing represented by financing fixed assets.

Commercial Services:

All commercial banking services necessary for companies are provided through a network of correspondents spread in most parts of the world, which helps facilitate their activities, whether local or foreign, through the following:

  •  Issuance of documentary credits, whether perusal or deferred payment, for import purposes with the possibility of financing perusal credits by issuing them on the basis of Murabaha credits according to appropriate terms and guarantees in accordance with the bank's policy in granting financing, and that the customers' need for services related to collection policies are met at competitive prices and an outstanding service.
  • Issuing letters of guarantee of all kinds (tender entry, down payment, maintenance, good execution ... etc.), especially for the contracting sector, which is witnessing rapid growth in the fields of infrastructure and urban development, and we are distinguished by speed of implementation and competitive prices.