Al-Affaf, Your way to the marital home

Financing service to facilitate the preparation of marriage (except for the ceremony), in addition to the works of decoration and housing maintenance.

Asfaar (Travels) the companion before the road

Emaar, with you and your family

Smart financing service for financing furniture and electrical appliances.

My future in good hands

Financing service for purchasing of educational supplies in support to the educational process.

Arzaq.. start your project

Distinguished financing service for owners of individual institutions in the fields of small and medium-sized commercial activities.

Farmer.. with you to the end

Distinguished financing service for the implementation of various business and investment activities in the sectors of agriculture, animal production, and fisheries and their inputs.

Yashfeen (Heal) your health is a priority

Distinguished financing service to finance work aids for the doctors sector in various specialties, pharmacists and medical laboratory technicians.

Emaar.. Reconstruct the home

Distinguished financing service to finance work aids for the engineering and contracting sector with a profitable return.