Higher Management

Mr. Dr. Amer Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Alawi

General Manager

Mr. El Tayeb Ali Ibrahim

Deputy General Manager

Aamir AbdelMageed Alqusi

Deputy General Manager for IT & Electronic Payments

Ms. Howayda El-Tayeb

Compliance Manager

Executive Management

Mr. Dr. Ahmed Mubarak Salim Al-Masarweh

Executive Manager of Retail and Branches Department

Mr. Imad Issa Amira

Executive Manager of Corporate Finance

Mr. Youssef Musa Yousef Al-Naeem

Executive Manager of the Banking Operations Department

Mr. Dr. Suleiman Hamdan Kharabsheh

Executive Manager of the Internal Audit and Reviewing Department

Ms. Dr. Mona Mohamed Saleh Ahmed

Executive Manager of Quality and Institutional Excellence

Departments and units

Mr. Eng. Khaled Abu Saleh

Director of Administrative and Engineering Affairs

Dr. Mona El-Tayeb Mohamed El-Tayeb

Director of Legal Affairs

Mr. Amin Osman Amin Sowar El-Dahab

Director of Financial Control

Mr. Awad Al-Karim Abdullah Osman

Director of Human Resources

Mr. Hani Abbass Mohamed Ahmed

Information Technology Manager

Mr. Ahmed Ali Al Rahema Mohamed

Treasury and Investment Manager

Mr. Al-Waleed Salah Al-Din Badawi

Director of the Finance Implementation, Follow-up and Collection Department

Mr. Osama Ahmed Fadlallah Mohamed

Risk Manager

Mr. Ashraf Mohamed Al-Bashir Omar

Director of the Retail Center and Branches

Mr. Ibrahim Abdel Rahim Hamdi

Marketing and Product Development Manager

Ms. Reem Ali Omar Ibrahim

Sales Manager and Senior Clients

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Rashad

Director of the Electronic Payment Unit